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There have been a lot of comments flying around these days about the life expectancy of the print yellow pages (formerly the best local marketing method). If these comments are representative of how advertisers are feeling, it’s a dangerous time for the health and future of the printed yellow pages. It is no longer the best local marketing method for businesses. As these WebVisible-Nielsen data reflect, the Internet search engine now has the best local marketing penetration and usage among local media (click to enlarge):

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Comparing the best local marketing methods

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We're not saying that “print advertising is dead.” Print yellow pages usage is still good it's just not the best local marketing method anymore. However, even the advertisers themselves are consumers and understand what’s going on in the market. Most local business advertisers want access to Internet marketing but are unsure about how to get their ads in front of consumers at the right time. Here’s data from a recent survey:


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The yellow page publishers are working quickly to bring a comprehensive solution to their advertisers and reposition themselves. But, is it happening fast enough? Internet search engines is already the best local marketing available today and still growing. 


The print yellow page publishers have all launched online versions of their directories to help off-set the decline in users and revenue.  When people first get on the internet, they bring some of their "offline behaviors" with them. For example, if they want to look up a business, they might turn to the online yellow pages for information. It doesn't take long for people to figure out that they don't need to turn to the online yellow pages to find what they're looking for. Instead, they can save a step by typing their query directly into a search engine like Google or Yahoo! rather than taking an extra step finding a relevant online directory, then searching. 


Final analysis:

Print Yellow Pages - NOT the Best Local Marketing

Online Yellow Pages - NOT the Best Local Marketing


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