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The internet marketing professionals at Optigroove know what it takes to have success on the internet today. We will apply to your business the same principles our executives used to build several multi-million dollar companies. Optigroove’s staff has served over 10,000 internet businesses since 2002. Our internet marketing professionals have training by Yahoo and Google on how to get websites ranked at the top of the major search engines.

Our Mission

SEO Services Company - Optigroove LLC Mission

Optigroove’s mission is to provide the most professional and highest quality internet business optimization services - helping you reach your goals.

Optigroove provides Search Engine Optimization, Web Development and Electronic Payment Services using a consultative approach. In other words - we don't ask you to fit in our box - our solutions are tailored to meet your unique business goals. By working directly with your company, executives, and marketing team, we will be able to determine exactly which approaches yield the best results for your business.


Optigroove Team

Optigroove's entire team
of Web Designers, SEO Experts, Link Building Professionals and Internet Marketing Consultants are experienced in the latest SEO techniques, search engine guidelines and merchant credit card processing services. They will work with your schedule and plans until the work is done and you are satisfied.
Robert - Worldwide Experienced Link Building and SEO Manager Paul N. - Website Design and Flash Programming Specialist Richard - PHP and Website Program Development Specialist Blake - SEO and Programming Specialist Mark - ASP and Website Program Development Specialist Paul - Internet Marketing and Ecommerce Services Director - Northwest Division Steve W. - Internet Marketing and Merchant Services Director - Southeast Division Dmitry - Internet Marketing and Merchant Services Director - Northeast Division Ken - Internet Marketing and Merchant Services Director - Southwest Division Mike - National Merchant Account Processing Director

Steve Mayes

Steve Mayes - Optigroove LLC CEO (Click for sample training video)is a recognized leader in the Local Search Engine Optimization Services Industry including Web Analytics, Link Building and Electronic Payment Solutions.  Mr. Mayes hosted the nationally acclaimed  Internet Business Training Radio Program helping internet business startups from 2005-2007.  His career began in Internet Marketing in 2000. He has produced tens of thousands of SEO training videos, coaching audios and authored an SEO Certification Program that has sold tens of thousands for over $6,000 each.


Mr. Mayes consults a few hand selected corporations on their local, nationwide and worldwide internet marketing campaigns, projects and strategies. He also heads up a sales coaching company helping businesses with their inside sales intitiatives.


A published author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has founded and built several successful marketing and electronic payment companies. Having trained and mentored thousands on business and personal development, e-commerce success and public speaking, he was also interviewed by Success Magazine in 1997 for his work with startup entrepreneurs.



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